Inclusive Panels Charter for Speakers

We define panels as any gathering of 3 or more specialists coming together to educate, give advice and publicly discuss their opinion about their area of expertise. Our definition of “panel” also includes all the conferences/events organized by a company throughout the year and requiring only one expert at a time.

The organization of mixed panels, including men and women as speakers, but also with speakers of different genders, generations, origins, languages... contributes to richer and more open debates. Mixed panels also send a strong signal to participants, providing diverse role models.

As a speaker (F/M/X), I will systematically try to reinforce the mix of women and men on panels in any panel I am invited to. When my presence in a panel will make it homogeneously male, I may decline to participate, or propose alternative names that would help make this panel more inclusive/diverse.

I may also: (tick selected boxes)


Name, function & organisation

The signature of the present charter does not imply any payment. However it implies a serious commitment to a better mix of women and men, of different ages and origins, in all kinds of panels.